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Dot   Westley   began   her   professional   career   teaching   in   London   in   the   exciting   era   of   the   ‘Sixties’.   Her interests   have   always   been   of   a   creative   nature   -   art,   needlecraft,   music.   Whilst   still   in   London   in   the ‘Seventies’, she studied the art of batik  and was able to exhibit and sell some of her pictures. The   intervening   years   saw   a   move   to   Kent,   the   raising   of   a   family   and   various   interesting   activities   in   other parts   of   the   country   including   a   short   stay   in   Brussels.   On   her   return   to   Kent,   interest   in   the   medium   of batik art was revived and she held her first solo exhibition in Ashford. She   is   married   to   a   very   long-suffering   husband   who   supports   her   work,   handling   all   the   administration   and framing   the   pictures.   Some   of   the   recent   work   was   produced   when   they   lived   in   Normandy,   France   but   they have now returned to the UK where they are currently renovating their property in Kent. Dot conducted a very successful week-long batik workshop for Year 6 children in a Kent school.
A strong Christian faith lies behind her art and craft work. It may be the natural wonders of different aspects of creation that we meet daily, the infinite variety of colour that pervades our lives, the uniqueness of man. It may address life issues such as loneliness, heartache, life’s purpose and peace. It may even cause the viewer to ponder on some ethical or moral situation. Many of Dot’s batik art pictures are designed to be a catalyst for thinking. Dot has written poetry to complement some of her work and this helps to bring a greater understanding to it. Dot, as a fully qualified teacher - Cert Ed, ACP Dip, BA Ed, TEFL, is available to conduct BATIK WORKSHOPS in schools, both primary and secondary. All materials are provided and her teaching is from a strong educational viewpoint with relevant presentations. She can tailor-make work to your current themes and would be very happy to discuss your needs with you. WORKSHOPS    for   others   interested   in   experiencing   a   new   art   form   will   be   available   soon   at   Dot’s   home.   A programme   of   dates   is   currently   being   constructed.   If   you   are   part   of   a   group   that   would   enjoy   a   batik ‘taster’ day, do please contact us  so that we can discuss a time to suit all involved. If   you   would   like   to   purchase   any   of   the   pictures   in   the   gallery,   or   something   similar   or   of   a   different   size,   or hosting   a   batik   art   exhibition   to   perhaps   include   a   poetry/musical   evening/day   workshop,   Les   [Business Manager] or Dot  would be very pleased to hear from you to determine the possibilities available.
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