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Dot’s Workbox Art Art Please let me know if you find any broken links Copyright     ‘Dot’s Workbox’ 2011 - 2015 Craft and Dot
I really don’t know the age I was when I held a sewing needle, thread and fabric but I had to be no older than 5 yrs. My mother would have placed them in my hand as she patiently taught me a variety of stitches that I still use to this day. We never bought materials for my little projects – instead we visited the ‘cupboard’. This was a huge Victorian floor to ceiling structure built into the alcove on the left of the chimney breast. What a treasure trove lay behind those heavy doors! My mother made almost everything that we needed in our lives from school uniforms to coats to gifts, including much of what we ate – jams, pickles, blackberry pies, fresh veg and much more. In our house not a scrap of material or wool was wasted. Buttons, lace, threads, zips, elastic all found a new role. Jumpers were unpicked, the yarn washed (and sometimes dyed) and then rewound when dry ready for the next exciting task. My home education was second to none! Unashamedly, I have followed in her footsteps. Today I don’t have a ‘cupboard’ but I do have a vast number of shelves in my work area filled with fabrics, books, wools, patterns and haberdashery. My sewing table is also surrounded by numerous large ‘see-through’ boxes of yet more materials. There was a time when jumble sales were the source of ‘new‘ fabrics to work with (whatever  happened to them?), now it’s visits to the charity shops. By the age of 10yrs I was designing and making clothes for the rag dolls I made and sewing up circular mats from the yards of ‘French Knitting’ I produced. In my teenage years I made my own skirts and dresses. In my 20’s I clothed my children, myself, made numerous gifts, furnished the home and, with my mother (of course!), attended woodwork classes and made some useful pieces of furniture. We also attended pottery, oil painting and batik classes. In my 30’s I began to garden remembering those childhood days of picking blackberries for jam, tending tomato plants, making the all-important compost, eating home- grown runner beans. What a treat! Since those exciting days of learning new skills I have continued to sew, produce art and grow flowers, herbs and vegetables whether it is in the classroom with children or in the home with family. It was after sewing and planning for my daughter’s wedding that I realised I was accumulating, but not using, numerous resources – and so ‘Dot’s Workbox’ was born. My mother passed on a rich legacy to me in so many areas of living and my aim is to do the same for others. Our stories are not just ‘About Me’ – they also involve other special people.
Fabric Shelves Being Organised in Work Area