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My   surroundings   in   our   Normandy   home   when   we   lived   in   France   were   a   major   inspiration   to   my work.   The   dramatic   colours   of   spring   swept   away   the   cold   harshness   of   winter   and   I   was   in   my element   with   the   camera   as   I   captured   images   from   many   unusual   angles.   In   the   studio   numerous sketches   were   made   and   then   pictures   were   composed.   I   took   into   account   shape,   structure, pattern,   light   and   dark,   balance   of   colour.   The   frilled   petals   on   the   tulips   were   particularly   fascinating as were the exciting colours all around me. This   theme   of   ‘Vibrancy’   is   ongoing   and   more   works   of   art   are   in   the   process   of   being   created   for sale.
A word from the artist 'Viewing a Tulip Differently' Price: £270.00 'Profusion of Petals' Price: £200.00 'Drama on the Edge' Price: £200.00
‘Drama on the Edge’
Viewing a Tulip Differently
‘Profusion of Petals’
'Jewels Underfoot 2' Price: £125.00 'Jewels Underfoot' 1 SOLD
‘Jewels Underfoot 1’
‘Jewels Underfoot 2’
63cm x 41cm - 28.5” x 16.14”
64cm x 88cm - 25.2” x 34.6”
62cm x 41cm - 24.4” x 16.1”
'Jewels Underfoot 1' Price: SOLD
Here you can view some of Dot’s batik art
'Drama on the Edge' Price: £200.00
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'Jewels in the Hedgerow 2' Price: £125 'Jewels in the Hedgerow 1' Price: £125
‘Jewels in the Hedgerows 1’
‘Jewels in the Hedgerows 2’
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'Double Attraction' Price: £80
Double Attraction
39cm x 32cm - 15.4” x 12.6”
‘Cry of Creation’
54cm x 29cm - 21.3” x 11.4”
54cm x x29cm - 21.3 “x 11.4”
53cm x 35cm - 20.8” x 13.8”
46cm x 32cm - 18” x 12.8”
105.5cm x 85cm - 41.5” x 33.5”