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Dot’s Workbox Art Art Please let me know if you find any broken links Copyright     ‘Dot’s Workbox’ 2011 - 2015 'The Heart of Love' Price: £225.00 'Reaching into Sad Hearts' Price: £225.00 'A True Heart'  Price: Not for Sale
Here you can view some of Dot’s batik art
I   have   always   had   a   concern   for   the   wider   society   and   this   is   reflected   in   my   ‘Heart’   series.   It   evolved because,   in   our   idyllic   place,   I   have   had   valuable   time   to   think.   This   is   a   departure   from   my   normal style   which   is   an   interesting   step   for   me.   I   wanted   to   portray   ‘hope’   for   some   of   the   sad   situations that   many   in   the   world   face   today.   Again   there   are   more   works   in   the   pipeline.   These   will   be displayed as soon as possible after the last stroke of wax has been applied.
 ‘Reaching Into Sad Hearts’
‘A True Heart’
‘The Heart of Love’
Every   individual   enters   this   wonderful   world   with   their   own   characteristics   and   abilities.   We   are   not alike   but   we   are   part   of   one   society   and   can   contribute,   for   good,   with   our   different   strengths.   Many will   support   ‘behind   the   scenes’   but   they   are   equal   in   value   to   those   with   the   more   prominent   roles. We should celebrate the variety that we are each able to bring to the whole picture.
'Behind the Scenes' £80.00 'Contributing to the Whole' Price:£70.00
‘Contributing to the Whole’
‘Behind the Scenes’
39cm x 32cm - 15.4” x 12.6”
63cm x 48cm - 24.8” x 18.9”
64cm x 48cm - 25.2” x 18.9”
65cm x 55cm - 25.6” x 21” x .7”
32cm x 32cm - 12.5” x 12.5”
The ‘Heart’ series
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