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FOR ALL TEACHERS I would like to offer you an opportunity to enable your students to experience a different art form and enrich their learning.  I am a fully qualified teacher - Cert Ed, ACP Dip, BA Ed, who has previously held a senior management position. I also have a TEFL qualification. I am available to spend up to a week in your school teaching all ages and abilities. I can use your current theme of work and weave it into the art work, taking the NC into account.
Two-day workshops can be undertaken but would produce very limiting results educationally and could involve only a small number of students due to safety factors and dyeing and drying times. 3-5 day workshops are of more value as a larger number of students could be catered for and the whole educational process up to the end results, would be more valuable. Generally speaking, over a period of 3-5 days I will cover: a brief history of batik the methods for making a batik the materials needed and their characteristics creating a design and its transfer to cloth the process to the completed project
Stages of Batik Preparation Stages of Batik Preparation Stages of Batik Preparation Stages of Batik Preparation
Over the longer period each student will produce a personal booklet as evidence of work  achieved. I deliver the teaching in an interesting, progressive way utilising the support of local IT facilities, a PowerPoint presentation, worksheets and also a digital camera. Obviously the depth to which I can go with this subject is dependent upon the number of students, the ages and the amount of time I can spend with them.
     Using the dye bath               A stage in dyeing - test samples                    Ironing out the wax I am very happy to discuss the personal needs and circumstances of each school and tailor-make the whole process to these, in consultation. Charges for school workshops:- £30 per hour for tuition plus expenses per head (Please note that I provide ALL materials and equipment) 2 days - £300 3 days - £450 4 days - £600 5 days - £750 Expenses: Primary - £1.50 per head per day Secondary - £2.00 per head per day College - £3.00 per head per day If you are interested in holding a school workshop, please get in touch with me via the email address on my Contact Us page. Please note: I am also experienced in delivering inset to teachers.
Final Stages of Batik Preparation Final Stages of Batik Preparation Final Stages of Batik Preparation
Applying design to the cloth
Applying dye with a brush