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‘Bedroom Bags’
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Bedroom Bag - Code: bb-Ld01 Bedroom Bag - Quilted - Code: bb-qu01 Bedroom Bag - Code: bb-ds01 Bedroom Bag - Code: bb-ds01 Bedroom Bag - Coral 1 Bedroom Bag - Coral 1 Bedroom Bag - Coral 2
This  bag will sit well in a  Country Style decor. It is very attractive  and roomy and  is lined with a soft cotton creamy mix. It is centrally  pleated back and front  and the collar and closure are faced with  cotton antique Nottingham lace. It  is  secured with a sage green vintage button. This same colour, along with a burnt  orange, is to be found in the small printed  pattern that decorates the very strong  cotton outer fabric. Because of its box  shape at the base it can stand  by itself or  can be hung by the centrally positioned  loop. It is suitable for  holding all manner  of items  your delicate underwear,  hairdryer and  accessories, socks etc. It can be washed by hand at  30c and dried naturally. 
Bedroom Bag - Lace Collar - Code: bb-pc02
This  is a surprisingly roomy drawstring bedroom bag. It is  fully lined with a strong  creamy fabric (cotton mix). This  fabric is visible as the wide collar which has  a decorative  edging of hearts. The muted colours in the outer cotton layer  are  a mix of soft corals, yellows and greens. The approximate  width of the bag is  24cm and, when seated, the height is  9cm. This attractive bag will enhance any  bedroom with a  natural decor 
The sizes are approximate: Width, at  widest point 21cm; Height, 15cm;  Depth, 9cm
Coral  1 has side pleats and a front flap.
Coral  2 has centre pleats back and front and a collar
Both of these pouch bedroom bags are  lined with a rich coral cotton mix fabric.  The outer fabric is pleasing cotton  sateen. The print shows a mix of  flowers and foliage in pastel colours on  a cream ground. Both have a vintage  button and loop as a closure. These  bags are suitable for those more  delicate bedroom items. 
Price £7.50
Code: bb-pc01
Price £9.50
Code: bb-ds01
Price £9.50
Code: bb-pc02
Bedroom Bag - Code: bb-Ld02
Very attractive and useful bedroom bags are  made in a variety of fabrics and co-ordinating  colours. They can store all manner of items  such as underwear, cosmetics, spare  toiletries and much more. The lined bags,  which are stiffened at the base, (not bb-  Ld02) are suitable for hanging up and the  quilted bags (which are more substantial)  can either be hung or stand by themselves.  These also have two useful outside pockets  (incl. bb-Ld02)      (not bb-Ldo1) They all  have drawstring closures.  
Quilted Bag Pink, white, purple/light red mix D: 23cm, H: 27cm Price £9.50
Lined Bag Green, white purple/blue mix D: 18cm, H: 26cm Price £8.50
Lined Bag White, salmon pink, pale pink D: 22cm H: 27cm.
Price £8.50
Code: bb-qu01
Code: bb-Ld02
Code: bb-Ld01
Price £7.50
Code: bb-pf01
The measurements stated are for the diameter of the base (D) and the height of the individual bag (H). If you have a particular colour scheme in your bedroom or are planning to redecorate, Dot is happy to consider requests for different colours than those shown or sets of the same colours.
Bedroom Bags

Handmade in the UK - UKCraftFairs Member

Bedroom Bag - Quilted - Code: bb-qu01