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‘Personal Accessories’ Please let me know if you find any broken links Copyright     ‘Dot’s Workbox’ 2011 - 2015 ‘Covered Notebooks’ Batik Covered Notebook. 1 Batik Covered Notebook. 2 Batik Covered Notebook. 3 Removable Notebook Cover. 1 Removable Notebook Cover. 4 Removable Notebook Cover. 3 Removable Notebook Cover. 2
Removable Notebook Cover. 2 Price £11.50 Code: rnc-02
Removable Notebook Cover. 1 Price £8.50 Code: rnc-01
Removable Notebook Cover. 4 Price £11.50 Code: rnc-04
Removable Notebook Cover. 3 Price £8.50 Code: rnc-03
Batik Covered Notebook. 1 Price £8.50 Code: bcn-01
Removable Notebook Covers These attractive notebook covers are designed to fit an A6 notebook. Each one is patched with coordinating coloured fabrics, is wadded and also quilted. They have a number of different embellishments, ribbon, decorative stitching, lace and braid. They have satin ribbon ties, are fully lined and washable (cold wash, dry naturally). They are sold with an A6 spiral bound notebook
Batik Covered Notebook. 2 Price £8.50 Code: bcn-02
Batik Covered Notebook. 3 Price £8.50 Code: bcn-03
Each of the following A6 notebooks (14.8x10.5cm) are permanently covered with uniquely worked batik designs on cotton fabric by Dot. They are quilted on both the back and the front.
SOLD Donated Donated SALE! Were £11.50 each Now  Only £8.50!
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