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Bags Please let me know if you find any broken links Copyright     ‘Dot’s Workbox’ 2011 - 2015 Personal Accessories 'Summer Green' Tote Bag - Front 'Bell Flower' Handbag 'Lavender Fields' Handbag 'Country Tracks' Handbag
‘Summer Green’
‘Bell Flower’
‘Lavender Fields’
‘Country Tracks’
‘Silk Bark’
‘Sea Wave ’ 1
‘Sea Wave’ 2
‘Cherry Ripe’
‘Art on a Tote’
Clutch   Bags:   These   bags,   each   one   in   three   co-ordinating   colours,   are   suitable   for   that   evening   out   or   a   special   occasion.   They   are   lined and   quilted   throughout   with   co-ordinating   threads.   The   shaped   flap   has   a   unique   reverse   appliqué   design.   They   can   be   fully,   part-stiffened or   soft   (please   see   individual   descriptions).   The   rounded   edges   are   bound   in   one   of   the   matching   colours   and   the   flap   is   closed   with   a single loop and button.
‘Clutch Bags’
‘FOLIAGE’ SERIES 1-6 Carry your art with you when you go shopping!