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‘Personal Accessories’ Please let me know if you find any broken links Copyright     ‘Dot’s Workbox’ 2011 - 2015 ‘Silk Bark’  Clutch Bag
Price £18.00
Fibre Content and Care Instructions
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25.5cm x 16cm
'Silk Bark' Clutch Bag - Inside View 'Silk Bark' Clutch Bag 'Silk Bark' Clutch Bag - Back View
Mixed fibres as above Do not wash, Spot dry clean only.
The   colours   of   this   clutch   bag   are   light   tan   (almost   gold   effect),   light   peach   and   ‘silk’   off   white.   The   fabrics   are   ‘silky’.   It   is stiffened throughout and lined and bound by hand with the ‘gold’ fabric.