Dot’s Workbox Art and Crafts for Hand Made Gifts ‘Personal Accessories’ Please let me know if you find any broken links Copyright     ‘Dot’s Workbox’ 2011 - 2015 ‘Bell Flower’  Handbag
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Fibre Content and Care Instructions
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'Bell Flower' Tote Bag 'Bell Flower' Tote Bag - Back View 'Bell Flower' Tote Bag - Inside View
A   unique   roomy   handbag   boxed   at   the   base   made   of   eight   co-ordinating   fabrics   pieced   together   and   quilted   with   free machine   embroidery.   Appliquéd   ‘bell’   flowers   and   hand   dyed   wool   strips   complete   the   picture.   The   predominant   colours   are blue   and   lavender   with   touches   of   fuchsia   and   green.   The   wadded   handle   is   attached   to   loops   at   the   sides   of   the   bag   and can   be   lengthened   from   40cm   to   70cm   enabling   it   to   function   as   a   shoulder   bag.   The   dark   navy   blue   lining   has   an   inner pocket and a Velcro fastening. A Bell Flower tag hangs on a side loop with corded wool.
Circumference of the bag at top 64cm and base 73cm
Mixed fibres Mainly cotton and wool Gently hand wash as wool. Drip dry